Why Choose Scooby’s Sweat4health?

There are a lot of forums out there, many of them free, so why should you choose Scooby's Sweat4health?  Great question!  It's because its the best fitness forum is also the best value!



"Free" and "Inexpensive" forums can turn out to be very, very expensive when they convince you to purchase pricy, worthless, and potentially dangerous supplements.  Supplements are the economic engine of the fitness industry, its the place where the serious money is. If you want to get rich, sell supplements.  This is the dirty little secret of the 'fitness' world.

A really nice guy who sells supplements is STILL a supplement salesman.  The best salesman are really nice guys, thats how they get repeat sales.  There is a reason BSN sponsors Scott Herman and other professional athletes, its not out of the goodness of their hearts. They hire him because they expect him thru his influence with his members and YouTube subscribers to not only cover his salary but give them a handsome profit as well. Supplement makers turn athletes into supplement salesman thru these sponsorship programs.  Jeff Seid not only sells supplements but has decided to cut out the middleman and sell his own brand of supplements to increase profits further.   Bodybuilding.com is a $430 million a year company with over 700 employees and their "free" forum is simply a sales tool to convince people to buy supplements.

How is it possible to give unbiased advice on fitness and nutrition when your income is from selling supplements?  You can't!  Its a conflict of interest.  To be the best fitness forum requires being unbiased. Have you ever thought why it is that you have to go to a pharmacy to get drugs instead of buying them from your doctor?  Its conflict of interest!  You don't want your doctor pushing products that have the highest profit margin or ones that he is about to have to throw away because they are nearing the expiration date.

The best fitness forum?

If you want free, be prepared to pay the price.  Free isn't.  Cheap isn't.  You pay one way or you pay another.  Be a wise shopper.  Here is what I suggest, join all the forums and ask your same question and see where you get the best answer. Try sweat4health and if you don't think its worth the price, then simply cancel.   Although you will probably get an answer from one of our knowledgable members quickly, my answer can take up to 24 hours because I typically only answer posts in the morning.  You have to ask yourself, do you want fast answers, lots of answers, or GOOD, well thought out answers?

When someone new joins Sweat4health, it is not unusual for me to spend 30-45 minutes helping them hone their goals, their custom meal plan, and their custom workout plan.  My consultation fee is $150/hr so this alone is worth $75 in the first few days alone.  I am not in this for the money, its why I cap the size of the community so that I can personally mentor everyone who wants help.  Unlike everyone else,  I have always discouraged the use of supplements and insisted that real food is superior not only for muscle building and fat loss but for health as well. 

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