The Pec Chef – Bodybuilders Hummus

The Pec Chef - Bodybuilders Hummus

This healthy hummus has twice the protein and half the fat of normal hummus, perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and bodybuilders clean bulking.  You can whip this up in about 5 minutes WITHOUT cooking and its amazing healthy AND tastes fantastic. It makes an awesome snack, meal, sandwich or vegetable dip. Its got great complex carbs for energy. Its got a good dose of high quality protein and its got lots of anti-oxidants, good fats and fiber to keep your doctor happy too.  The biggest dietary mistake most Americans make is not getting enough fiber and this is a tasty way to get it! The garbonzo beans not only provide great complex carbs for slow-burn energy but they have lots of protein and fiber too. Tahini is ground up sesame seeds and this is a great complementary protein source as well as a great source of good fats. The red bell peppers give you a big dose of anti-oxidants.

Although hummus is an ancient food my low fat, high protein version is more appropriate for bodybuilders and those interested in health and fitness. My bodybuilding hummus has about twice the protein and half the fat of traditional hummus:

  • Sabra Classic Hummus: 11%protein ,23%carb ,72%fat
  • Bodybuilders Hummus: 21% protein, 36%carbs, 42% fat


8 cans garbonzo beans (fiber protein)
1 can tahini (complimentary protein, good fat)
3 red bell peppers (anti-oxidants)
1/2 purple onion
1 cup lemon juice (vitamin C)
3 teaspoons thyme
2 teaspoons black pepper
2 teaspoons salt
1 jar horseradish

Making the bodybuilders hummus

The easiest way is if you have a food processor but you don't need one, in fact, if you don't its even better because its a great upper body workout mashing all the stuff together!

There is a trick to the tahini, when you open the can, you will notice a thick layer of clear oil on the top and the longer the tahini has been sitting, the more oil that will have separated out. We are going to pour off all the liquid oil we can, you can save it for cooking with later. I usually can pour off about 100g of oil. If you want to make lower fat hummus, just buy the tahini a few months in advance and let it sit on your shelf to separate more.
Start by cleaning and quartering the red bell peppers then chop them up in the food processor. Careful not to chop them too finely and turn them into pepper juice, its easy to do.
Now take two cans of the garbonzo beans, drain and rinse them, add about 1/4 of the tahini and about 1/4 of the lemon juice and puree them in the food processor, this takes several minutes. If you don't have a food processor, this is the arm workout. It takes a lot of muscle to mash the garbonzo beans up smoothly by hand but I have done it before. Repeat this for the remaining cans of beans.
Now chop the purple onion finely and add in all the spices: thyme, pepper, salt, and horseradish
Final step is to blend all the ingredients with a spoon. Let the finished hummus stand in the refrigerator for a day before eating to let the flavors blend.

Thats all there is to it! If you are clean bulking, you can make sandwiches out of the hummus or just eat it by itself!If you are losing weight, its a great dip for vegetables. Give this bodybuilder hummus a try, its AWESOME!

Nutritional Summary For Entire Batch

5180 calories
275g protein (1100cals) 21%
461g carbs (1844cals) 36%
240g fat (2160cals) 42%