Mind Over Medicine

So I had a freak nose bleed, probably as a result of all my coughing fits and nose blowing during my cold so I was on the sofa applying pressure for 45 minutes and I turned to PBS and Lissa Rankin was on. Had never heard of her before and I nearly changed the channel, way too sickly sweet, smooth, and slick for my taste. The more I heard though, the more I realize that everything she said seemed to jive with things I have found to be true in my own life. I watched her 30 minute broadcast which I will brutally paraphrase down into one sentence here:

The way to be healthy is to have all aspects of your life in order - work, relationships, sexuality, money, spirituality, and health.

Her basic premise, and it makes sense to me, is that when one or more of these things is out of whack and that causes stress. Stress response causes health problems. Remove all the stress and you become healthy, or at least as healthy as you can be. In a way, this is old news. Many far east healing methods have relied this approach for millennia. Its just that with all our miraculous medical innovations and technological discoveries we seem to have momentarily forgotten the healing power within.

I have to admit, after the broadcast I found out that her book is a #1 best seller and that is a big turn off for me, guess its the contrarian in me. Nothing that popular can actually be good. Glad I saw her in person first, still dont think I can bring myself to buy a new york times bestseller though :)

I think that she is onto something here. I have always done a really good job of keeping sight of what is really important to me and in keeping my life in balance - "following my inner pilot light" as Lissa would say. Its mainly because of my time management methods. Looking back on the few bad times in my life, they were clearly the result of my core values being out of whack.

Anyway, if you are having health problems or just not as healthy as you would like to be - consider giving this book a read. Its possible that aligning what is truly important to you with your daily actions might just solve your problems.

What do Lissa Rankin and Stephen Covey have in common?

Seemingly nothing but everything! Lissa Rankin is a medical doctor preaching about self-healing and Stephen Covey is a top notch business consultant and time management expert. If you look at their programs though, they are remarkably similar! In Stephen Coveys "7 habits of highly effective people" program, you divide your life into the roles you feel are important then make goals for each of those roles, and make sure that you make a little progress in each of those areas every day. Remarkably similar to what Lissa Rankin is saying except she gives you the "pre-configured" roles of work, relationships, sexuality, money, spirituality, and health. This is a helpful simplification for some people. The premise of both programs is the same, if your daily actions are in line with what you think is important then Stephen Covey tells us you will will be happy and successful, Lissa Renkin adds that you will be healthy too! Stephen Covey's "7 habits" program has been around for a long time now. I am willing to bet if you compared the health of those long time 7-habits practitioners with a similar peer group that you would find that they are not only more successful but healthier as well.
When your daily actions are in line with what is truly important to you then good things happen.