How To Cancel

First, very sorry to lose you!

Fastest way to cancel:  By far the easiest and fastest way to cancel is to log in and then use this cancel page to cancel in just two clicks.

Slow but sure way to cancel:  If you are unable to cancel via the above method, please email me at the below email address and I can cancel your account manually but I need at least one of the following pieces of information, providing all three will speed my ability to cancel your account.  Because this can take me a long time to process, I will gladly refund you any charges made after your cancellation request was made.  I am a one person show and between my videos, tool work, answering S4H posts, it can take me a long time to get around to administrative issues.  I apologize for the frustration I know this causes.


  1. Your first and last name as it appears on your credit card (required)
  2. the email address you used when signing up at sweat4health (required)
  3. the subscriber ID that was emailed to you in the below email (optional)
  4. your sweat4health username (optional)


Where to get subscriber ID: