No Glowing Screens Challenge

We are coming up on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and it stays light long after dinner. This is the perfect time for the "no glowing screens" challenge. Please join me in the month of May where we will abstain from all glowing screens after 6pm. No television. No social media. No facebook. No instagram. No Netflix. No email. No computers. No texing. Really, we did with these devices for centuries, we can do without them after dinner for one lousy month!

So what to do with all your spare time? Glad you asked! How about spending time with friends and family - IN PERSON. How about find the nearest park and go for a nice long walk there every day after dinner! How about going for a bike ride or a walk along the river? Even if you dont think there is a place, get out google maps and look - you will be surprised to find lots of places closeby where you can get out and stretch your legs. This is a beautiful time of the year and not only will getting outside feel great, it will help you shed those pounds you accumulated in winter so that you are beach ready by June!

This is the start of my "How to get rich" series and you might wonder how this possibly has anything to do with getting rich.  Great question, glad you asked!  First, here are my thoughts on what it means to be rich - Is Scooby Rich?  Time management is an essential skill to be rich by my definition.  I have a three part series on Time Management but this months challenge puts your ability to manage time to the test.  I know very few people whose primary goal in life is to have the most posts on Facebook or to be able to respond to emails faster than anyone else.  Those things are NOT important.  Your life goals ARE IMPORTANT. You need to turn off the distractions that are keeping you from achieving what you really want to accomplish in your short time on this planet and that is what this challenge is about.  Its a baby step but a very difficult and important step for many people.  You DO have a choice.  You don't have to be a reactive person, you can be pro-active.  Turning off the glowing screens at 6pm for one month is a great way to learn this skill!

Let me give you a great option to those glowing screens, read the paperback book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.  Its a game changing philosophy and it will be a pre-requisite reading for my "How to get rich" series anyway so why not get started on it this month?  Its not what you think either, its not one of those "how to screw people over and make a buck" books but rather a way to help other people get exactly what they want while helping you too.


No Glowing Screens Challenge!

The reason for this challenge is that many people seem to become a slave to the technology that was supposed to set us free and give us more spare time.  Every so often, its a great idea to take a step back, do a reset, and ask yourself if you are really spending time on the things that are the most valuable to you and your goals.

One of the most common reasons that people do not workout regularly is that they "do not have time" but yet the time that the average person spends in front of a glowing screen continues to rise year after year.  This challenge will help remind us that we DO have choices in how we spend our time!  We are in control, not our technology!