Get abs, get healthier, save money challenge

How would you like to:

  1. save hundreds of dollars
  2. get sixpack abs
  3. get healthier

all with one simple action? Its easy!  Normally programs to get sixpack abs require $97 eBooks or expensive fat burning supplements.  This ab program does not require any crazy exercise, any marathon ab workouts, nor strict diets.  In fact, you wont even notice you are on a diet.  Sounds too good to be true?  Wait, there's more! Not only is this program free but it will save you hundreds of dollars!

Who is with us?

I am onboard, Scott is onboard, who else? We are completely giving up alcohol for the rest of 2018! Thats right, no alcohol until New Years Eve 2019, not a sip.  Its just four months!

No amount of alcohol is healthy

Lets talk about the healthy part.  For years we have been hearing reports that alcohol in moderation can be good for your heart.  The other problem is that if you actually look at the research that shows this tiny benefit, its in the form of a J shaped curve like this:


Those having 15g of alcohol showed slightly better outcomes than those having none.  15g is the amount of alcohol in one 12oz (340cc) beer or one 5oz (140cc) glass of wine.  Here is the problem.  One beer can show a small health benefit, sometimes, for some people.  The problem is that two beers is always worse than none because of the J shaped curve.  Let me ask you this, when was the last time you saw someone drink just ONE beer?  Seriously, the only person I have ever seen limit her alcohol like this is our 99 year old neighbor Helen who died 3 years ago.    The other problem is that even assuming you could stay at the bottom of the J shaped curve to slightly help you in terms of heart disease, the problem is that alcohol is deadly in so many other ways that this tiny theoretical health advantage is never realized.   A recent meta-study of over 700 research papers found that like tobacco, there is no safe amount of alcohol.

Get abs simply by stopping drinking?

Yes!  I would say that for at least 50% of people, simply ceasing the consumption of alcohol while making no other nutritional or lifestyle changes will get them sixpack abs. They don't call it a "beer belly" for no reason.  The reason people get fat is not because of a few buffet-binges, its because of a small daily caloric surplus month after month, year after year.  The problem with alcohol is not simply the fact that its nearly as calorie dense as fat.  The problem with alcohol is not simply that it provides empty calories that do not satisfy your appetite.  The problem with alcohol is that it turns humans into nutritional idiots who rationalize that potato chips are healthy because they have potatoes in them.  For many people, its these 240 extra calories a day from two beers that cause them to gain 25 pounds of fat in a year.  Simply cutting those empty calories out is all that is required for many people to get lean again.  Granted, this process is very slow but its really easy to do!  You get abs by having a consistent caloric deficit.  The smaller the deficit, the easier the program is to stick to and the longer it takes. You cant have everything.  Remember that exercise is NOT the key to fat loss, nutrition is.  If you want to speed up the fat loss, consider using the awesome free meal plans at


We have covered why there is no safe amount of alcohol.  This applies 100x for anyone who has a family history of addiction, either to alcohol or other drugs.  There is a genetic component to addiction so if its anywhere in your genetics, you would be very wise to avoid tempting fate.

Ways to be successful at this challenge

There are a number of things you can do to help yourself be successful at this challenge, or any challenge for that matter:

  1. Use "Don't break the chain".  At the end of every day you are successful at remaining alcohol free, put a big green checkmark on the calendar.  The more consecutive checkmarks you have, the harder it becomes to break that beautiful chain of green checkmarks.
  2. Encourage others to do this challenge with you!  Thats what we do here at sweat4health so we can encourage each other.  You don't have to join though, just enlist your friends and family members to join you to help keep each other accountable.  If all your social activities revolve around alcohol and none of your friends are willing to do this challenge with you then that is a clear sign you need to move away from them and find new friends.
  3. The stick and the carrot.  Decide which works best for you and either come up with some reward to give yourself on New Years Eve upon successful completion of the challenge or a suitable punishment for failing the challenge.  To give this reward/punishment real teeth, write it down and sign it in front of the people doing this challenge with you!  Take a photo of it and post it to social media to make it harder for you to back out.
  4. Use avoidance first, willpower second. Remember that its far easier to rely on avoidance than willpower to be successful.  Relying on avoidance does not make you weak, it means you are SMART!  Give away or dump any alcohol in your house.  Politely decline invitations to alcohol-centric events like football with the guys.  Its a lot easier to avoid temptation when its nowhere around.

Get abs, get healthier, save money challenge