Fitness Success Stories Progress Diaries

Starting a progress diary is an excellent way to help motivate you to achieve your fitness and health goals.  The friendly and nurturing environment here is a great way to get started on your fitness journey.  A progress diary here is also an awesome way to document your progress if you are entering the 2014 fitness success stories contest!  Remember that winning the success stories contest is not just about YOUR progress, but about helping others to succeed as well.  When you are posting to your diary, please take a moment to give others words of encouragement!

You can browse the four progress diaries below but to post to them requires that you register for a free membership.

There is also a General Fitness board open to all free members.  Please make sure that what you are posting is in the proper board!  Only your one progress diary belongs in the progress diary boards, any other posts you want to make should be to the General Fitness board.

How to maximize your chances of winning the 2014 success stories contest

To maximize your chance of winning the 2014 success stories contest, you need to fully document your fitness journey and establish credibility that you abided by the rules and achieved the results you claim.   Here are some things you can do to help establish credibility of your fitness and health transformation:

  1. Choose the above forum which best represents your primary goal (muscle gain, fat loss, health improvement, performance improvement) and start your progress diary there, a suggested post title is "Bills muscle gain progress diary", of course, replacing "Bill" with your name. Existing paid sweath4health members can use their existing progress diary. Please start just ONE thread and then bookmark it so you can easily find it for your subsequent posts. That makes it much easier to follow your progress and it keeps all *your* information together in one single thread where it is easy to find.  It also makes it easier in the judging to look back thru the year and see how you progressed from month to month..
  2. Start your journey by stating your goals.  A good goal is specific, measurable, and achievable but not too easy.  If you need help deciding on your goal, please check out my fitness goals page.  Also take some before pictures and attach them to one of your early posts.  Please review the photo requirements section of the official contest rules!  Its ok to change your goals along the way if you find out they are too challenging or too easy but its important to put a stake in the ground.
  3. Come up with a workout and nutrition plan to help you achieve your goal.  Using a scoobysworkshop home workout wont make you any more likely to win so choose the workout plan that you think best meets your needs.  To give you some ideas, I suggest you checkout choosing the best workout for you.  Remember though, its total cost must be less than $40.  Go ahead and post your workout plan in your progress diary thread.  Its perfectly OK to change workout plans mid stream if you find its not working for you but you need a plan to start with.
  4. Make periodic postings to progress diary thread, your workout log (sets/reps/exercises),  your nutrition, your challenges, progress photos, and how you are progressing toward your goal.  Daily postings would be awesome but weekly posting would be OK too. The point is to have a paper trail of your progress.  Including weekly or monthly progress photos goes a *long* way toward making your story a convincing one!
  5. Remember that this contest is not just about YOU achieving your goals, its about you helping others to achieve theirs as well.  Your family, your friends, and people here as well.  While you are posting your weekly progress, consider providing encouragement for others who struggling on their fitness journey.