Fitness Motivation Technique – Don’t Break The Chain

Dont Break the Chain! - How to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals!


One of the most common questions that newcomers to fitness ask is how they can stay motivated to workout consistently and to keep their nutrition on track. My stock answer has always been to choose your goals properly but that doesnt work for everyone.

Here is another motivational techinque that you can use that works amazingly well for many people, its called "Breaking the Chain" and you can use it to get yourself in the gym day after day, week after week, month after month. You can also use it to keep your weight loss on track. This technique is from one of the most prolific commedians of all time, Jerry Seinfeld. Here is how it works, its really simple. Get yourself an old fashioned paper monthly wall calendar, a green felt pen and a red felt pen. Each day you have worked toward your goal, you get to put a big green checkmark. The first few days its no big deal and you wont understand how this could help with motivation. After a week or so when you are exhausted from a rough day at work and just want to watch TV, you will glance up at your calendar and see seven green checkmarks. Do you really want a big red X breaking that nice chain of green checkmarks? You then decide that you could actually workout one more day. The longer your chain of green checkmarks is, the harder it is to contemplate breaking it. People have sucessfully used this technique to keep working towards their goal for years on end.


One word of warning. This motivational technique can work TOO well so you need to carefully word the goal you are working toward. For example, if your goal is "to get stronger every day", thats a noble goal but its just not possible. You cannot get stronger every single day for the rest of your life, human physiology puts caps on human strength. You are doomed with that goal because the motivation is SO strong to move up in weight that you would get injured in an attempt to earn your green checkmark before you are ready for the increased weight. Although your true goal might be to squat 3 times your body weight, a better stated goal is to "go to the gym every day".

So if you have chosen your goals properly as I have always suggested and that still doesnt give you the motivation you need, give "Dont break the Chain" a try!