Fat Burner Coleslaw


This delicious sweet and tangy all natural slaw is not only easy to make and healthy but will help you lose weight as well. You have heard of negative-calorie foods? Well there is no such thing but this amazing recipe comes close, you can literally eat as much as you want - the more you eat, the more fat you will lose because you wont have any appetite for calorie dense foods.

Vegetables are key when it comes to losing fat and keeping it off long term. If you want to get lean and stay lean you have to find ways to look forward to eating vegetables. This coleslaw is high in fiber, packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants. The low carb diets, the paleo diet, weight-watchers diet, and all other diets work. The trouble is, the fat comes back once you go off the diet. Diets do not work long term because just by saying you are “on” a diet means you plan on going “off” it. Its not a diet, its a lifestyle! Change your lifestyle by incorporating lots of healthy vegetables then you wont need to diet!

This is an awesome, all natural, easy to make recipe that will help you get healthier and lose fat as well. This recipe is very low fat and very low sodium, a perfect food if you are doing my sodium challenge.

A lot of “healthy” coleslaw recipes depend on fat free mayo. If you have ever read the mile long list of ingredients on fat free mayo you know that its anything but healthy - its effluent from a chemical factory. This is a vinegar based recipe, if you don't like vinegar then you might consider trying again. Vinegar is one of the best and healthiest seasonings there is and its a great way to reduce sodium consumption.

Lets get to the recipe:

Start with 1/2 head of red cabbage and 1/2 head of white cabbage. Take off the outer few leaves and cut out the core, then shred them. You can use an old fashioned grater or a Cuisinart type device, either way.

  • 1/2 head red cabbage, shredded
  • 1/2 head white cabbage, shredded

Peel 10 carrots and shred them too

  • 10 carrots, shredded

Now make the dressing. Mix the following in a bowl:

  • 1 cup apple vinegar (240 grams if you are weighing)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil (40g if you are weighing)
  • 4 tbsp honey (53g if you are weighing)
  • 2 tbsp dried parsley (4 grams if you are weighing)
  • 4 tbsp sesame seeds (50g if you are weighing)
  • 1 tbsp celery seeds (7 grams if you are weighing)
  • black pepper to taste

mix together and eat!

As you may have noticed, my cooking videos lately have been done on a table outside the kitchen - thats because I have been forbidden to use the kitchen. Nearly burning the house down filming “Le Cookies Are Ready” got me in a tad bit of trouble. Nobody is good at everything and cooking and laundry are not my strong points. In addition to losing kitchen privileges, I am on laundry probation. I didn't see anything wrong with throwing in jeans, white socks and white towels with these shop rags I bought at home depot to save doing another load. Well, this is the white towel and these are the white socks. Anyway, the point is, if I can make this slaw, you can too and you don't need a kitchen.

Outtakes from video

OK, I hate kitchen gadgets and the Cuisinart is the worse. The day I made this slaw I nearly crushed this piece of cr&p with a 60 pound dumbbell. Courtesy of the US legal system, this device has a zillion small interlocking safety mechanisms on all four of the separate parts. If any one of them isn't exactly and perfectly clicked into position, the motor wont spin. Makes it impossible to hurt yourself and extremely frustrating to use - looks SO easy on the infomercials! As you can see in the below bleeped out video, it took me nearly 5 minutes to get the d@mn thing to work!!!