Electronics Free Tuesdays In January

Electronics Free Tuesdays In January

I know a lot of you are getting ready to have important health and fitness related goals but are not quite sure how you are going to make time for them. Feel free to modify this challenge to suit your needs!

Problem: A really important goal for 2017 is one that I simply have a had a lot of difficulty in the past making time for. I want to hit the ground running in 2017 with a solid habit of including it into my weekly activities. The problem is that I have SO many things clamoring for my attention that going to the hanger to work on the airplane just doesnt happen. I love working on my software tools. I love answering peoples questions. I love being here on S4H. The problem is that by the time I do a bit of all these things its too late to go to the airport (finishing the airplane in 2017 is my #1 goal by the way)

Solution: The solution is electronics free Tuesdays. From the time I wake up on Tuesday until 7pm on (14hrs), I will not use anything that uses electricity except light bulbs. No iPhone, no computer, no TV, no nothing. If this sounds familiar, its because I only have the day wrong :) Several religions have at least one day a week like this except rather than praying I am going to work on my airplane. Yes that will mean I will be absent one day a week from S4H but I will make sure to answer all posts before I sign off on Monday nights and answer them all again at 7pm when I am allowed to use the computer again. What I hope to do with this is establish a time management habit that allows my airplane building to have the time priority it should given that it is my #1 goal.

Possible Modifications: I know that most people do not have the luxury of turning off all electronic devices on Tuesdays. Possible modifications include:

  • no facebook
  • no snapchat
  • no texting
  • no email
  • no social media of any type