Lift 10 million pounds challenge!

Deadlifts, Squats, and Bench are the big three when it comes to gaining strength. You can set your lifting goals and track your progress with easy to use charts. Not only that, every time you do one of the big three, you help us get closer to our goal of lifting 10,000,000 pounds!

DEADLIFT: 1,128,896 Pounds Lifted So Far!
SQUAT: 1,314,641 Pounds Lifted So Far!
BENCH: 951,275 Pounds Lifted So Far!

TOTAL: 3,217,192 Pounds Lifted So Far!

Last 15 lifts

Weights listed are total pounds. For example, one deadlift set of ten reps at 315lbs = 3150 pounds.
Anon24482017-12-303,200 lbs 23,700 lbs0 lbs
Anon34572017-03-280 lbs 0 lbs3,347 lbs
Anon34582017-03-284,140 lbs 0 lbs3,260 lbs
Anon34432017-03-266,270 lbs 0 lbs3,200 lbs
Anon34442017-03-260 lbs 0 lbs2,978 lbs
Anon34292017-03-257,295 lbs 4,865 lbs0 lbs
Anon34012017-03-230 lbs 0 lbs5,595 lbs
Anon34022017-03-230 lbs 6,540 lbs1,280 lbs
Anon34052017-03-23529 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon34062017-03-232,500 lbs 3,750 lbs1,250 lbs
Anon33592017-03-200 lbs 0 lbs1,944 lbs
Anon33352017-03-196,325 lbs 5,055 lbs0 lbs
Anon33242017-03-180 lbs 0 lbs3,237 lbs
Anon33252017-03-180 lbs 0 lbs3,656 lbs
Anon32922017-03-161,450 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs