Lift 10 million pounds challenge!

Deadlifts, Squats, and Bench are the big three when it comes to gaining strength. You can set your lifting goals and track your progress with easy to use charts. Not only that, every time you do one of the big three, you help us get closer to our goal of lifting 10,000,000 pounds!

DEADLIFT: 1,428,954 Pounds Lifted So Far!
SQUAT: 1,626,462 Pounds Lifted So Far!
BENCH: 1,229,215 Pounds Lifted So Far!

TOTAL: 4,084,892 Pounds Lifted So Far!

Last 15 lifts

Weights listed are total pounds. For example, one deadlift set of ten reps at 315lbs = 3150 pounds.
Anon24482017-12-303,200 lbs 23,700 lbs0 lbs
Anon58572017-09-210 lbs 4,625 lbs3,375 lbs
Anon58372017-09-194,945 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon57632017-09-135,985 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon57642017-09-130 lbs 0 lbs4,160 lbs
Anon57652017-09-130 lbs 3,120 lbs7,012 lbs
Anon57362017-09-115,100 lbs 9,135 lbs0 lbs
Anon57302017-09-103,960 lbs 2,880 lbs5,356 lbs
Anon56962017-09-074,195 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon56732017-09-060 lbs 0 lbs4,200 lbs
Anon56742017-09-062,520 lbs 2,880 lbs5,430 lbs
Anon55812017-08-315,370 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon55582017-08-293,820 lbs 2,100 lbs0 lbs
Anon55222017-08-265,040 lbs 3,120 lbs4,340 lbs
Anon54852017-08-250 lbs 0 lbs2,880 lbs