Lift 10 million pounds challenge!

Deadlifts, Squats, and Bench are the big three when it comes to gaining strength. You can set your lifting goals and track your progress with easy to use charts. Not only that, every time you do one of the big three, you help us get closer to our goal of lifting 10,000,000 pounds!

DEADLIFT: 1,609,779 Pounds Lifted So Far!
SQUAT: 1,873,387 Pounds Lifted So Far!
BENCH: 1,377,462 Pounds Lifted So Far!

TOTAL: 4,628,311 Pounds Lifted So Far!

Last 15 lifts

Weights listed are total pounds. For example, one deadlift set of ten reps at 315lbs = 3150 pounds.
Anon79882018-04-180 lbs 0 lbs8,320 lbs
Anon79652018-04-170 lbs 0 lbs1,818 lbs
Anon79752018-04-173,180 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon79712018-04-161,040 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon79392018-04-150 lbs 12,270 lbs0 lbs
Anon78962018-04-110 lbs 0 lbs1,124 lbs
Anon78582018-04-070 lbs 0 lbs1,151 lbs
Anon78212018-04-030 lbs 0 lbs7,215 lbs
Anon77642018-04-0113,595 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon77272018-03-280 lbs 11,390 lbs0 lbs
Anon76982018-03-250 lbs 0 lbs7,845 lbs
Anon76852018-03-2413,815 lbs 0 lbs0 lbs
Anon76722018-03-220 lbs 2,410 lbs0 lbs
Anon76732018-03-221,965 lbs 2,410 lbs0 lbs
Anon76352018-03-190 lbs 12,385 lbs0 lbs