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This website is for those who want to get stronger, more muscular, leaner, faster and healthier!  

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If you want to ask me a question just sign up for a membership and then cancel within 30 days so you dont get charged, I am 100% ok with that!  I do NOT answer questions by email, snapchat, or any other messaging.  This forum is the best troll-free, bully-free, place on the internet where our motto is: "There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers!"
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Sweat4health is a supportive, small community by design.  I like being able to respond to all posts personally and do not let the forum get large for that reason - I have no employees or ghost writers, its all me. When someone new joins Sweat4health, it is not unusual for me to spend 30-45 minutes helping them hone their goals, their custom meal plan, and their custom workout plan.  Although fellow members always provide excellent and supportive advice, I still like being able to reply to every post.  In our weekly group chats, its like friends getting together for coffee!

Getting stronger, more muscular, leaner, and healthier requires knowledge, a support network, and some sweat - This website provides the first two and you provide the last!  I have over a decade of experience helping thousands of people get in the best shape of their lives, and I can help you too!  With my help, and the help of our awesome, supportive community, you will be able to achieve your goals!   Our closed community is a nurturing environment united by similar goals of strength and muscle gain, fat loss, health, fitness, and performance improvement.

The reason for this health focused website is that most of the fitness websites, forums, books, and workout programs out there are only interested in cosmetic effects - bulking up and getting sixpack abs.  Some people make the false assumption that being strong and ripped is the same as being healthy, its not.  Lifting weights to get stronger is important, but health requires more than just lifting weights.   The great thing is that you don't have to sacrifice any strength/mass gains or fat-loss progress to become healthy at the same time, it just takes a little more attention to detail.  Sleep, stress reduction, cardio, clean nutrition, and poison reduction (smoking, pesticides, etc) are all important parts of a healthy lifestyle as much as lifting weights is.  There are no quick fixes or shortcuts to be found here, just good old fashioned exercise, sweat and good nutrition.

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