About Scooby

I got a late start in fitness, I was one of those awkward, lanky, clumsy kids who always got picked last when choosing teams in PE class - not athletic in the slightest. I really didn't do anything fitness wise till I was 21 and started lifting weights.  After starting to lift weights, a wonderful thing happened.  My confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed and I wasn't painfully shy any more.  With my newfound strength and confidence I discovered that I actually liked sports!  Although I completely lack natural athletic ability, I found that I could get better with practice.   I picked up skating, hiking, volleyball, cycling, windsurfing, running and swimming. I'm 55 years old now and have been lifting weights an hour a day, five-six days a week, 52 weeks a year, for the last 34 years. I take at most one week off from weights a year, but usually only skip a day or two.  I reached my genetic potential at about age 40 and my strength, weight and bodyfat has remained essentially constant since then. Although I workout even harder and smarter now than I did at age 30, because of my age the hard work just prevents a backslide. Since gaining mass is no longer a possibility, the last five years I have focused my fitness goals on endurance events and sports. I have been doing long distance cycling races and triathlons and in 2012 achieved my fitness goals of doing a double century (200 mile bike race) and Half Ironman triathlon.  I did my first men's physique contest at age 54.

I spent nearly a decade building the free website scoobysworkshop.com and doing free YouTube videos which helped tens of thousands of people get into awesome shape ... all for free. Now as I enter mid life, its time to focus on my peeps in a more intimate and comfortable setting.

Fitness is but one of my passions.   I have a lifelong love affair with everything aviation related from rubber powered airplanes to building real ones.  My hanger/shop is the favorite room in the house.   I love to travel by bicycle and take at least one multi-week bike trek a year, last year was 585 miles across Sweden, this year will be Australia.

My husband of 15 years and I live in California with our Shih Tzu Milo. My husband usually accompanies me on all the meet and greets so if you come to one you can meet him too.

It is important to point out that I have no formal training at all in the field of fitness, nutrition, or personal training. I am simply someone with over three decades of fitness experience and observations who tells like it is and is willing to admit when I was wrong.