10 Day Holiday Challenge!

10 Day Holiday Challenge!

Christmas to New Years is a really bad time of the year health-wise for many people.  The holiday parties, the chocolates and christmas candies everywhere, the big meals.  Many people just give up and say that they will start dieting and working out hard on New Years Day.  I know everyone is on vacation but that is no reason to let your fitness and health fall to pieces. Please don't get caught in the downward holiday spiral!

Join me for the 10 day holiday challenge from the 22nd of December to the 1st of January.  Its easy, all you have to do every day is:

  1. Eat one big bowl of vegetables every day
  2. Go for a 30 minute walk every day (or get 30 min of some kind of cardio)

Thats it.  "Why bother?" you might ask, its because its all mental.  Its about not giving up, its about holding your ground.  Its about using exercise and a little good nutrition to make you feel better so you are less likely to over-eat bad things.  You will be surprised, just by eating a big bowl of vegetables and going for a walk, you feel better about yourself and you feel healthier.  When you feel healthier, you are more likely to pass on the second helping of plum pudding.

Its only ten days, come on, we can do this!  Yes, I will be doing it too.  This is a very challenging time of the year for me.  Please, do this challenge with me! Do you have friends or family who are really out of shape? If so, this is a great way to introduce them to fitness, try to get them to join in the challenge. Its OK to tell them little white lies to get them to join you, tell them that YOU need support and that if everyone else did this with you that it would help YOU. OK, thats true but it would not be the main reason that you would be enlisting your out of shape friends/family to join you! Hopefully after 10 days with a bit of exercise and a bit of good nutrition they might just consider continuing it after the holidays end :)