#1 muscle gaining tip for iPhone and Android users

This one simple tip will keep your motivation levels up, help you gain muscle, keep you focused on your workouts so you can push your maxes, and keep you from wasting time in the gym.

Most people these days have smart phones, either Androids or iPhones and these sophisticated gadgets can push your gains to the next level or hold you back. Although there are amazing and sophisticated applications like LoseIt, MyFitnessPal, and workout loggers that help your fitness efforts - the phones are also a huge distraction. Often people gets sucked into surfing the web, email, texting, or looking for that song that they *know* is on their phone and before you know it, ten minutes have passed and they forget how many sets they have done or what exercise is next. You cannot make progress working out like that!  Bulking up and gaining muscle takes FOCUS!

To keep your workouts from getting derailed by text messages, emails, or music searches use this simple tip. After you finish every set, set your alarm for 2 minutes or whatever your rest time is. When the alarm goes off you have to stop what you are doing and lift no matter what you are doing. If what you are texting is so important that it is more important than keeping your workout on track then do it BEFORE you start your workout. Remember what you are there for, the timer will constantly remind you. You might actually find that its too annoying to try to multitask and just concentrate on your workout rather than playing with your phone.

Not only does this excessive smart phone usage kill your gainz and waste your time but it wastes the time of others in the gym as well.  The gym is a shared resource and if everyone hogged the equipment for 10 minutes between sets, how upset would that make you?

Set the alarm or leave the iPhone/Android in the car!